Be Encharmed by the Tuscan Cuisine

Our Menu

You will be able to taste the rich Tuscan appetizer among the appetizers, to then delight you with fresh pasta, the one spread by hand like the housewives did: potato tortelli with wild boar or duck ragù, pappardelle alla fagianella, the classic but always good pappa al pomodoro, made according to tradition with fresh tomatoes.
But the typical Florentine specialties do not end, on the contrary they begin with the real Florentine steak, cooked and above all cooked to perfection, and not only: sliced rocket salad steak, chicken and fried rabbit with the "real" fried potatoes, stewed wild boar.
A good dessert is never lacking: fresh homemade desserts, so excellent as to give them an encore.


Crostini with liver chicken paté
Artichokes flan with pecorino cheese cream
Zucchini salad with truffle oil and parmesan
Tuscan hors d'oeuvres (ham and salami)
Goose breast smoked carpaccio with sracciatella (creamy mozzarella)

Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes, basil

Asparagus flan with parmesan cheese cream

Burrata with yellow pumpkin cream and black truffle

Caprese salad (tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella)

Tuscan hors d'oeuvres (ham and salami)

Goose breast smoked carpaccio with stracciatella (creamy mozzarella)

First Dishes

Tuscan vegetable soup with bread
Pear filled pasta with gorgonzola sauce
Fresh pasta with meat sauce and mushrooms
Ravioli with pisiachio pesto, borrata and sun-dried totmatoes

Tomato and bread soup

Home made lasagna

Mezze maniche pasta carbonara with ham and red wine

Risotto with porcini mushrooms

Gnocchi with calamari and asparagus

Fresh linguini with fava beans, mussels and clams

Second Courses

Eggplanl with parmesan cheese
Fried chicken with fries
Beef cheek with mashed potatoes
Marrow-bone with saffron and spinach

Chicken breast with balsamic vinegar

Vitel tonnée

Rabbit to the pan with French fries

Veal escalope with mushrooms and black truffle

Sea bream fillet with vegetables

From the Grill

Loin of veal with fries
Fillet mignon with fries
Sliced steak with balsamic, rucola and  fries
T-bone steak

Entrecote with fries

Side Dishes

Fresh french fries

White beans


Fresh spinach salad

Mixed salad

Home Dessert

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