Traditional Tuscan cuisine from 1880

Historic restaurant in the center of Florence

The Osteria Natalino Restaurant is run for over twenty years by the Mazzanti family, who has managed to maintain and preserve the precious simplicity of a genuine cuisine, dictated by the Florentine tradition.
Simplicity. This is enough to serve the goodness of a kitchen that has always kept the dishes of the past, of the sober country tradition, where all the flavors are the result of a wise skill.
You will be able to taste the rich Tuscan appetizer among the appetizers, to then delight you with fresh pasta, the one spread by hand like the housewives did: potato tortelli with wild boar or duck ragù, pappardelle alla fagianella, the classic but always good pappa al pomodoro, made according to tradition with fresh tomatoes.

Experience the Florentine tradition

The 1968 fresco represents an imaginary view of Maestro Romano Stefanelli, the first pupil of Maestro Pietro Annigoni who is at the center of the fresco and is that gentleman with a coat over his shoulder. The fresco represents an imaginary view, relating to the missing person of that gentleman who goes into the tiny street and depicts the guests of the time and the restaurateur Natalino. Natalino is the last one to the right of the wine flask and is the old owner who gave his name to the restaurant, the chef depicted in the center is Romano Stefanelli who is the author of the fresco. The technique used is the trompe l'oeil which gives depth to the picture.